You can now send Relish Hampers to multiple addresses from the same order. The instructions below will show you how to use this feature. 

  • Add your choice of hampers to your cart. Pick your delivery date for each hamper, and enter a gift message if you'd like. This is selected on a per-product basis. If you're sending more than one hamper to the same address and you want them to arrive together, please select the same delivery date. The delivery date cannot be changed once a product is added to the cart. If you need to change the delivery date, you'll need to remove that product from your cart and add it again with a different date. Product page with gift message and delivery date
      • Once you've added all of the products you're purchasing to your cart, you need to view your cart page.
        • Please make sure you've decided on your order before setting up multiple shipping addresses. If you enter multiple addresses and then exit the cart or add new products, it may cause errors in the process.
        • Multiple shipping addresses can't be set in the cart sidebar. If you open your cart in the sidebar, click on 'View Cart' to see your cart page. Drawer cart view cannot be used for multiship
      • On the cart page, click the 'Ship to Multiple Addresses' checkbox. 
        Multiple addresses checkbox selected on cart page
      • You can then select from your saved addresses, or enter a new delivery address for each hamper. Each hamper needs an address attached. You can change the gift messages on each hamper from the cart, but the original delivery date will be kept. The delivery date cannot be changed from the cart.Entering an address for an item in the cart page
      • Once you're happy with your cart, continue to the checkout. Shipping is charged for each separate address you're delivering to. You can add delivery instructions for each separate address.Checkout page with shipping instructions
      • Checkout and pay for your order as normal. The shipping charges for each order will be grouped together. You can check the address, gift messages and delivery dates for each item before you place your payment. 
        Payment information for multiship



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