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Celebrate the joy of a new arrival with our "New Baby and Parent Treats" bundle, a lovingly curated collection that combines indulgence for parents with essentials for the baby. This gift is the perfect blend of practicality and luxury, ensuring both the newborn and their parents experience the comfort and joy of your thoughtful gesture.

Panda Comforter Toy: Offer the baby a snuggly companion with the Panda Comforter Toy. Its soft texture and friendly face make it an instant favourite, providing comfort and joy to the little one.

ES Kids Socks with Rattle: Engage and warm the baby's tiny toes with these adorable socks. The built-in rattle adds a touch of playfulness, making every movement a fun discovery.

ES Kids Bib: Keep mealtimes tidy with this soft, absorbent bib. Its gentle fabric protects the baby's clothes while adding a touch of style to their daily wear.

Baby Face Washer: Designed for the baby's delicate skin, this ultra-soft face washer ensures gentle cleaning and pampering during bath time or meal clean-up.

Bahen & Co Chocolate Bar (75g): Treat parents to the exquisite taste of Bahen & Co's chocolate bar. Crafted from fine ingredients, this gourmet treat provides a moment of luxury and relaxation amidst the new parenting duties.

Wheelers Hill Natural Soap: Pamper mom's skin with the soothing, nourishing properties of Wheelers Hill Natural Soap. Made from natural ingredients, it offers a gentle cleanse that leaves skin refreshed and moisturised.

Presented in a beautiful box and tied with a ribbon, the "New Baby and Parents Treats" bundle includes a personalised gift card, making it more than just a gift—it's a warm embrace for the new family.

Ideal For: This gift bundle is perfect for baby showers, hospital visits, or welcoming the new baby home. It's a thoughtful way to say "Congratulations" and share in the happiness of the new arrival, providing comfort and luxury for both the new partents and their little one.

Order now to deliver luxury and comfort to the new baby and their parents. The "New Baby and Parents Treats" bundle is a carefully chosen assortment of gourmet delights and baby essentials, designed to enhance those precious first moments together.