Fraser Gallop Wine Gift Box

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Indulge in the elegance of the Margaret River wine region with our "Fraser Gallop Wine Gift Box." This exquisite collection is a tribute to the refined tastes of wine enthusiasts, pairing the esteemed Fraser Gallop Cabernet Merlot with a selection of gourmet accompaniments. Each item has been carefully chosen to complement the wine's rich palette, creating a harmonious and luxurious tasting experience.

  • Fraser Gallop Cabernet Merlot: At the heart of this gift box lies the Fraser Gallop Cabernet Merlot, a wine celebrated for its depth of flavour, balance, and smooth finish. This award-winning blend embodies the essence of Margaret River's terroir, offering a sophisticated sip that's perfect for any occasion.
  • Ogilvie & Co - Hazelnut & Pistachio Dukkah with Bowl Set (100g): Dive into the aromatic world of Dukkah, a blend of hazelnut, pistachio, and spices, served in an elegant bowl set. Perfect for dipping with olive oil and bread.
  • Nuova Cucina - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100ml): Enhance your culinary creations with this premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its rich, fruity notes and impeccable quality make it a versatile addition to any kitchen.
  • Nuova Cucina - Balsamic Vinegar (100ml): Complement the olive oil with this exquisite Balsamic Vinegar. Its complex sweetness and tangy depth are ideal for dressing salads, drizzling over dishes, or dipping with bread.
  • Ogilvie & Co - Caramel Onion & Balsamic Relish (135g): Discover the rich, savoury sweetness of this Caramel Onion & Balsamic Relish. A perfect pairing with cheeses, meats, or as a gourmet sandwich spread, it's sure to elevate any meal.
  • The Toffee Factory - Salted Macadamia Toffee (80g): Indulge in the luxurious taste of Salted Macadamia Toffee. This delectable treat combines the creamy crunch of macadamias with the buttery sweetness of toffee, creating an irresistible finale to your gourmet experience.

Presented in our finest gift box, elegantly ribboned and accompanied by a personalised gift card, the "Fraser Gallop Wine Gift Box" is the epitome of sophisticated gifting. Whether as a gesture of appreciation, a celebration, or simply to share the joy of fine wine and food, this gift box is sure to impress and delight.

Choose the "Fraser Gallop Wine Gift Box" for a memorable and tasteful expression of your highest regards.