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Discover the art of tranquility with our "Focus & Calm" gift hamper, an exquisite selection crafted to enhance focus and instill a sense of calm. This gift hamper combines soothing scents and calming elements, making it the perfect companion for those seeking to elevate their productivity and foster well-being. It's an ideal choice for anyone wishing to create a peaceful ambiance and enjoy moments of blissful relaxation.

  • Urban Rituelle Hand Cream (100g): Luxuriate in the nurturing embrace of this all-natural hand cream, blending chamomile, argan oil, rosehip oil, and avocado oil for moisturized, protected, and fragrantly soft hands.
  • Urban Rituelle Essential Oil (30ml): Elevate your sensory experience with essential oil blends designed to calm, enhance tranquility, and improve concentration, healing the heart and soul.
  • Urban Rituelle Candle (140g): Light up this scented soy candle to create a fragrant oasis that awakens the spirit and ignites the mind, perfect for deep focus and meditation.
  • The Aromatherapy Co Hand & Body Wash/Lotion (400ml): Infused with a blend of lime, lemongrass, apple, floral, and caramel notes, this wash/lotion soothes and hydrates, enriching your relaxation ritual.
  • Salted Bliss Bath Salts (100g): Submerge in the restorative power of these bath salts, crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils to soothe muscles and calm the mind.

Packaged in an elegantly designed box, ribboned and accompanied by a personalised gift card, the "Focus & Calm" gift hamper is not merely a present but a profound gesture of appreciation and care. Whether it's for a loved one, as a token of gratitude, or a treat for yourself, this hamper is a gateway to cherished moments of peace and serenity.

Indulge in "Focus & Calm," the ultimate gift hamper for relaxation and elegance, meticulously curated for those who value the essence of a peaceful and focused mindset.