New Mum Tea and Treats

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Celebrate a new mother's journey with our "New Mum Tea & Treats" gift hamper, a lovingly curated collection that marries relaxation with indulgence. This hamper combines the soothing qualities of Henry Langdon tea with the decadent pleasure of premium chocolate truffles, alongside handpicked baby gifts. It's an ensemble that perfectly blends practicality with the soft touch of affection, ensuring both the baby and parents feel the warmth of your thoughtful gesture.

  • Sunday Lab Tea Infuser: A heart-shaped, stainless steel infuser that simplifies the tea-making process, making it a delightful experience.

  • ES Kids Crochet Blanket: A handmade crochet blanket that wraps the newborn in warmth and comfort.

  • Emotion & Kids Bear Rattle: A soft, cuddly bear rattle that promises to be the baby's first friend and a source of endless entertainment.

  • The Herb & Spice Mill Bites (50g): A gourmet selection that adds a layer of luxury to the hamper, perfect for indulging in exquisite flavours.

  • Chocolatier Truffles (75g): Smooth Marc de Champagne truffles, a sweet treat that complements the tea, making for a moment of bliss.

  • Henry Langdon Tea: A robust English Breakfast tea that offers a full-bodied cup with soft, floral undertones, ideal for starting the day.

  • Ecology Mug: An organically shaped mug with a generous handle, made of stoneware, perfect for enjoying your favorite tea.

Presented in a beautiful gift box and finished with a ribbon, the "New Mum Tea & Treats" hamper comes with a personalised gift card. It's an ideal gift for baby showers, hospital visits, or welcoming the new member of the family home. With this hamper, you're not just giving a gift; you're offering a bundle of joy and a warm embrace to the new family.

Order now and share the happiness of this special time with the "New Mum Tea & Treats" hamper, the perfect way to say congratulations and support new parents with a thoughtful, luxurious gift.