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Celebrate the rich tapestry of Western Australian gourmet excellence with our "WA Excellence" hamper. Each item in this luxurious collection has been carefully selected to showcase the finest produce our region has to offer, making it the perfect gift for discerning palates and lovers of local craftsmanship.

  • Wildflower Red Wine (750ml): Savour the robust flavours of this exquisite red, a testament to the lush vineyards of Western Australia. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer notes of a well-crafted wine.
  • Wildflower White Wine (750ml): Delight in the crisp and refreshing taste of our white wine selection, offering a harmonious blend of fruit and acidity that captures the essence of WA's unique terroir.
  • WA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml): Drizzle your dishes with the liquid gold of WA's olive groves. This extra virgin olive oil is a culinary staple, renowned for its purity, health benefits, and rich flavuor profile.
  • Whistlers Rocky Road Log: Indulge in the ultimate sweet treat, a decadent rocky road log from Whistlers, WA's oldest confectionery company. A delightful mix of marshmallow, nuts, and chocolate awaits.
  • Bahen & Co Chocolate Bar: Experience the deep, rich flavours of Bahen & Co's chocolate, where traditional processes meet single-origin cocoa beans to create a chocolate bar unlike any other.
  • Ogilvie & Co. Raspberry White Chocolate Biscuits: Bite into the blissful combination of tangy raspberry and creamy white chocolate in these exquisite biscuits, a perfect pairing with your afternoon tea or coffee.
  • The Toffee Factory Salted Macadamia Toffee Bar: Enjoy the sweet crunch of salted macadamias enveloped in buttery toffee, a confectionery masterpiece from The Toffee Factory that's sure to delight.

Presented in a beautifully crafted gift box, ribboned with care, and accompanied by a personalised card, the "WA Excellence" hamper is more than a gift—it's an experience. It's an invitation to explore the flavours and artisanal excellence of Western Australia, making it the perfect choice for corporate gifts, special occasions, or simply to express your appreciation for quality and taste.

Celebrate WA's finest with the "WA Excellence" hamper, a testament to the gourmet wonders our region has to offer.